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Many popular hardware synthesizers are no longer manufactured, but have been emulated in software. The major downside of using softsynths can often be more latency delay between playing the note and hearing the corresponding sound. Good technical links to soft synthesis references. And I selected synths that are not emulations of specific classic hardware models, i style software but stand on their own merits.

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While there are certainly more comprehensive soft synths on the market, this is a synth which is far from basic and there is plenty to keep the more experienced user happy. ReasonFreaks is site for all Reason users.

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Also see the Sound-On-Sound review for more info. Provide a range of virtual instruments. All of which adds up to what can only be described as one of the very finest soft synths money can buy. Get it for less at zZounds. Presets can be tweaked with a range of sound-shaping tools, and both the arpeggiator and trancegate are impressive.

Software Synthesizers and Samplers

Komplete Synths

Zebra a wireless no patch cables semi-modular synth that supports a variety of techniques. Software products include soft synthesis and soft sampling products for Mac and Windows. As such, it could easily become your most-used virtual analogue synth.

Get a taste of the Komplete library of virtual instruments. For Windows and Mac platforms. Windows software that enables you to create electronic sounds from your mouse movement. This includes heavy and oversized items.

Komplete Synths

Freeware modular synth for Windows and Mac. Freeware Windows software to produce T like waves. There are many reasons to opt for a software synthesizer over a hardware one. Round out your low end with the complete solution for bass sounds. And if you want the latter, Falcon could be what you are looking for.

Want our best price even faster? When the soft synthesizer is running as a plug-in for a host sequencer, both the soft synth and the sequencer are competing for processor time.

You want every classic synth worth its salt ever made? Ibanez, and Avalon do not offer a manufacturer's warranty. Falcon is an ambitious, powerful instrument of a type that certainly doesn't come along every day. Only modules used in a particular patch are displayed, reducing front-panel clutter, and making for a more streamlined interface.

Some web based Java synthesis to keep you entertained for a while. The two engines feed into a pair of independently pan-able filters, routed in any blend of series and parallel via a continuous knob. You also get a large preset library to get you started. Although it does have some quirks, ultimately, Spire sounds terrific, generating everything from huge, brassy unison timbres to crystalline digital tones.

Also provides an autolooping function. The soft synths listing by platform at Shareware Music Machine. Brainspawn Forte is a virtual rack of softsynths. Creating a punchy Psytrance drop. Cantabile is a powerful host for virtual music instruments and audio effects with an emphasis on real-time performance and use in live performance situations.

Softsynths are usually cheaper and more portable than dedicated hardware, and easier to interface with other music software such as music sequencers. Again this is typically a customer return.

Because of this, all sound is triggered from either the mouse or keyboard requiring no other gear. We automatically charge the payments to your credit card.

Demo available to download. Need it now but short of cash? Well, that's open to debate.