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In the middle of town stand the Lindenfels castle ruins, which serve as a popular outing destination.

In Zwingenberg there still exist remnants of, and even new fruit farming, on the outlying hills of the Orbishöhe and towards Luciberg is found winegrowing. The abbey was one of the greatest centres of Carolingian art, several Carolingian kings of Germany were buried there. They are guyed masts, set in pairs in a row. Hirschhorn was surrounded by a wall after the brothers Hans V, Albrecht. There were Jews living in Heppenheim by the Middle Ages, the town was part of the Archbishopric of Mainz from to and there were repeated ecclesiastical measures undertaken to persecute Jews.

Ersheim, Hirschhorns oldest part, has the distinction, however, in Hirschhorn, two northern tributaries, the Ulfenbach and the Finkenbach, join to become the Laxbach before flowing into the Neckar. To the towns southeast the Weschnitzinsel conservation area is located, Lorsch Abbey was founded in by the Frankish Count Cancor and his mother Williswinda. Hirschhorn is situated at a bend of the River Neckar. It stands out with its mild and sunny climate in which trees blossom especially early.

Fasilitas dan layanan

These are Elmshausen, Reichenbach and Gadernheim, whose old town now houses the local history museum. Heppenheim was thereafter first the seat of a Amt, and then, as of it was the seat of the Heppenheim district.

Furthermore, the community has at its disposal a football pitch. From each side of the Hardberg there is a view over the Odenwald.

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The metre marker at Zwingenberg railway station is taken to be the standard, in the west, Zwingenberg abuts the Hessisches Ried, and thereby the Rhine rift. Along the former spur line to Schönau, a further population centre was built to the northwest. The town is set on gentle vineyards below the mediaeval Starkenburg.

In the east of town lies an industrial area, a shipyard that arose out of shipbuilding. The Neckar has dug its way through the hills of the Odenwald here.

Furthermore, American soldiers also train at a range in the Lampertheim woods. It is staged by the Lampertheim Gymnastic Club, every finisher gets a Spargellauf T-shirt, which comes in a different colour every year. The Lauter valley begins near the source of the called the Lauter. Some of these masts are linked to each other by crossbeams furnished with catwalks. The Lauter flows through Bensheim, coming from the Lauter valley from the east, in the south of town runs the Meerbach, hessen singles also coming from the Odenwald.

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Its founding may go back to a knight named Basinus, who received the rights to found a settlement, the name changed from Basinsheim to Basinusheim and then to Besensheim, finally becoming Bensheim. King Henry V of England held Hans in such esteem that he granted him a lifelong annual payment of marks. The actual town of Hirschhorn southwest of Ersheim on the bank of the Neckar derives its name from its founders.

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Some of the constituent communities had their beginnings in Roman times. Hirschhorn stretches along the bank of the Neckar, i.

Nevertheless, the town itself was only owned by the keepers of the Vorderburg. Ersheim only consisted of the Ziegelhütte and the compound for centuries. Both cliffs can be climbed with a degree of difficulty and are used in many climbing courses. The county was divided into upper and lower halves, with the former lying on the Rhine around Sankt Goar and the latter in southern Hesse.

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