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In addition to clearing out your junk, a shredder can help you go paperless at home. That's fine for the road, though if you're looking for a lid to double off-road, you may want more actual rear protection for this level of heat and weight. The wide, thin straps are comfy wet or dry, while the adjusters are neat and can be used even in gloves. Your options elsewhere are varied.

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The general finish is impressively neat and tidy, with crisp, accurate moulding and an expensive-looking satin finish to the shell. However, even if you can't banish the household chore for good, you can tidy faster with the right apps and gadgets. Sortly Before you start scrubbing, you'll need to tidy up the belongings scattered around your home. More welcome are the large open spaces above your ears, which easily accommodate glasses and not just Smith Optics glasses without putting any pressure on the arms. The Mips layer can reduce and redirect twisting forces, which are common in crashes.

The vacuum comes with a few attachments for different cleaning tasks, as well as a removable, washable stainless-steel filter that enhances suction. To destroy it properly, you need to run it through a shredder.

The beauty of the app is in its simplicity. Other group-friendly features include a shared grocery list and calendar to organize your household routine. It even helps you set up regularly recurring visits. How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

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The app handles every step of the process, from communication to bookings to payment.

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As you put away each item, photograph it and add a tag or note about its location. Overall sizing is spot on. But they can provide entertainment that makes chore time fly by. All you need to do is empty the bin once in a while.

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It's essentially a floating layer between the helmet shell and the part that grips your head, and it's there to allow the shell to twist slightly under impact. Its bulk, allied to an excellent Vapourfit cradle that reaches low on the back of your head for brilliant security, means the Portal feels almost like a mountain bike helmet once on. The Smith Portal helmet offers the extra crash protection of the Mips system, plus strong construction and a very tidy, stylish finish, er sucht sie celle but it's pretty heavy and a bit sweaty on the hottest days.

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The only real negative is that Tody isn't available on Android devices. Like Tody, OurHome checks off completed tasks and makes it easy to see what still needs to be done and when. First, scan your important documents and back up these digital copies. What do the manufacturers say about it?

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Medium Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. It's heavy on the scales, but once on it just feels very comfy, secure and reassuring. Then it tracks this information with at-a-glance progress bars, telling you immediately what you need to do next. Here are nine items to help you spend less time cleaning and more on literally anything else.

Still, podcasts aren't for everyone. Amazon Echo On top of their other abilities, smart speakers can help with housework. Pocket Casts Alas, no smartphone app can actually do your housework for you. Pocket Casts is also great for beginners, because it includes a vibrant discovery section to help you find new listening material. Because you don't have to deal with the weight and trailing wire of a full-size vacuum, this type of device lets you clean faster.

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At least, it does until you reach up to tweak the dial and find the coverage stops much higher up than it feels. TaskRabbit You don't have to do every chore yourself. It also incorporates information about how many people are responsible for a given chore. It has an intuitive interface and, in addition to standard podcasting capabilities, includes handy features like variable speed controls and automatic silence trimming. It definitely looks worth the asking price.

The difference is marginal, but it was enough that I noticed it and tried other helmets for comparison. The best apps and gadgets for tidying your home Stay on top of household chores.