Rules of dating english subtitles, bbc subtitle guidelines

Where possible, avoid extending a subtitle into the next shot when the speaker has stopped speaking, particularly if this is a dramatic reaction shot. However, timings are ultimately an editorial decision that depends on other considerations, such as the speed of speech, text editing and shot synchronisation. Set to a generic proportional sans-serif font so that the end device uses its default font e. Each part will appear on screen at a different time, in sync with its speaker, but all parts will have an identical out-cue.

In these situations a subtitler should be prepared to vary the timing to convey the full meaning of the original. This attribute effectively creates additional alignment points for multiple rows of text, hollyoaks stars dating in real thus it has no effect if only a single row of text is present. Bring it in and out with shot-changes if appropriate.

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This will affect the editing process as well as when to leave the screen clear. However, there may be occasions when matching the speed of speech will lead to subtitle rate that is not appropriate for the age group. Anything shorter than this produces a very jerky effect. The width of the background is calculated per line, about carbon rather than being the largest rectangle that can fit all the displayed lines in.

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To minimise the risk of unwanted line wrapping, use a wide font such as Verdana or Tiresias when authoring the subtitles. This should be avoided by editing the previous subtitles. However, if the speaker is very easy to lip-read, slipping out of sync even by a second may spoil any dramatic effect and make the subtitles harder to follow. In some cases vertical displacement is not sufficient to avoid obscuring important information, overthinking things dating for example when placing the captions above a graphic would cover a face.


Venues for Dates Official dates are less common in the U. Decoders need to match the begin and end timing specified in documents as closely as possible to maintain the careful synchronisation we expect from subtitle authors. If the unfinished sentence is a question or exclamation, put three dots not two before the question mark or exclamation mark. The set top box or television determines the font - this is most commonly used on the Sky platform. People may be introduced through friends or family or may meet through work.

If the whispered speech continues over more than one subtitle, brackets can start to look very messy, so a label in the first subtitle is preferable. Because line breaks require considering all of the above, they are better inserted manually. Ultimately the subtitler may have to decide whether to make a correction or omit some speech in order to catch up. Scanning through the examples will also give you a good understanding of how subtitles are made.

Rules of dating english subtitles

Do not tidy up incoherent speech in drama when the incoherence is the desired effect. Ideal formatting should therefore compromise between linguistic and geometric considerations but with priority given to linguistic considerations. Cell resolution is used for setting the font size and therefore the line length.


Also, keep as close as possible to the original word order. You should not correct any incorrect grammar that forms an essential part of dialect, e. Confusion is most likely to arise when the in-vision speaker and the voice-over speaker are the same person.

While there are specific rules of etiquette on the American dating scene, British dating tends to be a more laid-back affair. Clearly, it is not possible or advisable to provide a set of hard rules that cover all situations. Monogamy is usually expected even in fledgling relationships, and dating several people at once is usually frowned upon. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow once accused British men of being less forward when it came to dating.

Defines the directions for stacking block and inline areas within a region area. Sets inter-baseline separation between line areas. It sets the width and height of region area, being either the root container region, when specified on the tt element or a defined region within that, when specified on a region element. Required for a live recording if intended for broadcast. White can be used for any number of speakers.

This version covers editorial and technical contribution and presentation guidelines, including resources to assist developers in meeting these guidelines. The subtitles should match the pace of speaking as closely as possible. Focus on colour and vertical positioning.

Subtitle Guidelines

See specification for details. There will be occasions when you will feel the need to go faster or slower than the standard timings - the same guidelines apply here as with adult timings see Timing. Never carry a subtitle over into the next shot if this means crossing into another scene or if it is obvious that the speaker is no longer around e. Where these constraints are mutually exclusive, then well-edited text and timing are more important than line-breaks.

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You may need to show a pause between two sentences within one subtitle. This contributes to a known issue where a gap appears between lines of text. Note, however, dating costumes that curly quotes are not included in the list of allowed characters some word processors transform straight quotes to curly ones automatically.

BBC Subtitle Guidelines

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. When characters move about while speaking, the caption should be positioned at the discretion of the subtitler to identify the position of the speaker as clearly as possible. Where possible, allow viewers to see actions and facial expressions which are part of the humour by leaving the screen clear or by editing.

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  • It is generally simpler to keep punctuation in songs to a minimum, with punctuation only within lines when it is grammatically necessary and not at the end of lines except for question marks.
  • In such cases, prioritise the important information over speaker identification, using horizontal positioning if appropriate.
  • This figure assumes that the Teletext rendering area covers the entire video area.
  • By hovering over a heading in the main part of the document a link icon appears - this may be used to get a direct link to that section.
  • It is permissible to slip out of sync when you have a sequence of subtitles for a single speaker, providing the subtitles are back in sync by the end of the sequence.

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This is most likely to happen in an interchange between speakers, where the first speaker talks much faster than the second. This will allow you to preview the subtitles as reliably as possible the final appearance will be determined by the user's system. Allows the reference clock source to be identified.

If a speaker stammers, give some indication but not too much by using hyphens between repeated sounds. Determines the position of a region, which is used for vertical positioning and horizontal positioning. They may be short but they are often essential for expressing meaning. Sets a generic or a named font family.

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While this laid-back attitude can take some of the pressure out of dating, it can also take a lot of the certainty out of it as those involved may not know where they stand initially. The editorial guidelines in the Presentation section are written in plain English, requiring only general familiarity with subtitles. The English title is kinda iffy.

Three lines may be used if you are confident that no important picture information will be obscured. Avoid creating subtitles that straddle a shot change i. Difficult and complex words in an unfamiliar context should remain on screen for as long as possible. To do this, you may need to split a sentence at an appropriate point, or delay the start of a new sentence to coincide with the shot change.

Including this information is useful for searching, identifying speakers and other purposes. If it is part of the action, e. When deciding between one long line or two short ones, consider line breaks, number of words, pace of speech and the image.

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  1. Sometimes speakers can be clearly lip-read - particularly in close-ups.
  2. Thus, segmentation at clause boundaries is to be preferred.
  3. Fall back to the system defined sans serif font if a downloadable font is not available.
  4. However, it is not always possible to produce good line-breaks as well as well-edited text and good timing.
  5. Subtitle fonts are determined by the platform, the delivery mechanism and the client as detailed below.
  6. Accessibility improvements.

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