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Jagger sings about watching friends fall apart and lovers fade away, as he staggers through a long night of sex, booze and the bedroom blues. This narrative technique getting inside the head of an imaginary character who is really not far from real life has also been used by Randy Newman, Elvis Costello, the Beatles and others.

The big soul ballad on Exile is also the album's longest song. This hopped-up ode to a steamy babe came with a video in which redheaded actress Anita Morris gets the boys so revved-up the buttons of their trousers pop off. Shortly after he was fired from the group, Jones was found dead in a swimming pool, while at a free concert at Altamont, a concertgoer was brutally killed during a Stones show.

When they performed it on the U. It wasn't without difficulty, of course. They had a developed a bad boy image and wrote this song in support of it. Get a weekly email update We won't give out your email. In the studio one night, Jagger improvised an outrageous falsetto-disco goof at the electric piano, backed by Wood on bass and Watts on drums.

With the assistance of drummer Tony Chapman, the fledgling band recorded a demo tape. Create an account Help Download it, sing it. To me this song represents that he has lost love which to him was losing his heart and soul so he is slowly turning to the darkness for comfort. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Throughout the recording of Beggar's Banquet, Jones was on the sidelines due to his deepening drug addiction and his resentment of the dominance of Jagger and Richards.

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Throughout their career, Mick Jagger vocals and Keith Richards guitar, vocals remained at the core of the Rolling Stones. Before Taylor's departure, the group named itself the Rolling Stones, no limits roller coaster full version borrowing the moniker from a Muddy Waters song.

Calendar Created with Sketch. It's actually one of their best songs. It's an acoustic Beggars Banquet oddity that feels like a country song yet incorporates tablas, mandolins and a fiddle solo.

Your shopping cart is empty. Considering that the Stones began as blues purists, they were making a kind of homecoming too.

Backing track of Rolling Stones Paint It Black download free

This is how I have always interpreted this part of the song. Karaoke Songs Karaoke catalog New video karaoke files Free karaoke. Help Center Getting started Downloading Contact us. Richards was arrested in Canada in with his common-law wife Anita Pallenberg for heroin possession. So a man who looks lustfully at a woman commits a sin, so by turning his head until his darkness goes, the man in the song is avoiding the darkness, the sin.

It's gruff, simple country blues with his shining acoustic-slide work, some handsome Nicky Hopkins organ, and autoharp from Jones. Country music that doesn't get weighed down with reverence.

His whisper-to-a-scream vocals build over piano, horns and those dramatic drum fills in the final choruses. Their next album, Beggar's Banquet, was finally released in the fall, after being delayed for five months due its controversial cover art of a dirty, graffiti-laden restroom. We used to laugh at those people. The possibilities are staggering. Despite its raw immediacy, it was recorded in an all-night session over many takes, with Richards arriving late in the process to work in his punishing riff on the fly.

Backing track of Rolling Stones Paint It Black download free

At the pub, he became reacquainted with Blues, Inc. And it became even more infamous during the tour, when a foot-tall penis was inflated alongside Jagger as he sang it.

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It's a five-minute, cowbell-thwacking jam, with funky organ from Billy Preston and the great Sonny Rollins on sax. This format is tailored for Windows Media Player which is setup by default on most Windows computers. She takes the bus to the factory by day, she parties hard and starts fights by night, she makes Jagger wait in the rain for her to get off work. Cover songs that are better than the original. If you look at the part of the song about the girls in their summer clothes from a Christian perspective, recall Jesus said to look a woman lustfully is to commit adultery.

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Email me when new interpretations are posted for Paint It Black. What does Paint It Black mean? His depression and hatred of all things beautiful and alive make him realize his red door, his heart, is turning black, and he's fine with that. At his insistence, the large yet meek Stewart was forced out of the group, since his appearance contrasted with the rest of the group. And the girls with summer clothes on represents a carefree happiness that he could never have because of the things he's seen.

As a love song by a romantic to a gold digger, it's among the guitarist's truly revealing moments. Submit Your Interpretation.

Catalog Link to us Affiliation Press Information. The band's No Filter tour of Europe spilled over into when they announced it would include a massive stadium tour of the U.

Richards showed rarely seen romantic maturity and musical subtlety on this haunting gospel hymn. Without expressed permission, all uses other than home and private use are forbidden. Shortly afterward, Richards joined the band.

An edgy record filled with detours into straight blues and campy country, Beggar's Banquet was hailed as a masterpiece among the fledgling rock press. They immediately took the demo to an L. But the Stones never stopped going. Keith really wrote a sophisticated piece of music.

The Rolling Stones Song Meanings. Taylor's glistening Santana-esque guitar lines define it, and his extended outro may be the best guitar solo in the Stones catalog. But the Stones sound more like dirty scavengers than reverent revivalists. While other bands were singing about the joys of tripping through outer space, the Stones were already looking on the dark side.

It's about being in a dark angry mood from an introverted perspective. It may also be Jagger's least campy, most convincing country-folk performance.

The way they arranged it was the beginning of their shaping of them as songwriters. Wayne Perkins, auditioning to be Taylor's replacement, played the sterling solo. Weeks after the concert, Taylor left again and was replaced by Bill Wyman, formerly of the Cliftons. The resulting track stretches out near the six-minute mark, with Jagger making up his arched-eyebrow sex monologue as he goes along.