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Two of the melee games that came out in were rubbish, so Paradox are trying to fix it all with War Of The Roses, a saga that will have both a single player campaign and a major multiplayer component. Can you figure out which ones? If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.

Good luck to everyone trying to get their games done! Alec had some time alone with it over here and it seems to be improving with each glimpse we get of it. Which is what sequels do, right?

It throws the player into the mansion of mad scientist, in which everything is a loopy science experiment. That should hopefully be remedied in by the arrival of the third Far Cry game. Reckoning Reckoning has impressed us. Reckoning has impressed us. Human Revolution making a new Thief game, that we might have some kind of frantic episode.

That is, of course, if you like to do a bit of questing. Gosh, this is a long list.

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Civ with Wizards, or something like that. Man, I got pretty pissed off with DarkSiders, but it was still a well put together sort of game. If they can get the backstabbing and the undiplomatic power-mongering right, then this really could be a classic. Returning to Pandora with a squad of new characters, the sequel promises more of the same, only bigger and better.

We talked to the team back when the game was announced. Behold the prior coverage. What we know about the mystery game so far is compiled here. The action game based on the recent reboot of the Star Trek franchise! Dan had a play of an early build of the game and you can read about that here.

Monolith seem to be doing something genuinely ludicrous with Gotham City Imposters, a multiplayer game about everyone pretending to be the Gotham heroes and villains. Why, it can only be from a European studio. You can read about that just here. It really was something special.

We have studied it at length. Let us not dismiss an egg before it is revealed to be a holodeck trick. Xenonauts is one game aiming to prove them wrong by making a game that resides firmly with the spirit of the incredible X-Com games.

That is not a pleasant sentence to have been responsible for, but it could still turn out to be a decent action game. Find more information here. Kim Swift, one of the key brains behind Portal, did not stay at Valve.

That might limit things a bit, but my hands on time with the game was promising indeed. It could be a fascinating escapade. Paradox are hitting a lot of the right notes with their games for and this looks to be one of the most promising.

The Shadowrun world, which blends standard fantasy tropes with cyberpunk, has always been a pet favourite of mine. Like Elite it will be focusing on a single ship, speed monitor too. Fortunately we got to chat with the devs about it just here.

Am I half way through writing it yet? Following a hiatus of eight years, Max is to return.

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Cliff takes his Gratuitous series away from the space fleet management line of business and into a territory that looks a lot more like tower defence. We had a bit of a chat with them here.

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Anyway, a big game, however you look at it. Take a look at what Alec thought when he previewed the game. Super Monday Night Combat. Instead Introversion are working on a game about successfully imprisoning people.

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You can read what he had to say about it here. What we know about the new killing game is here.

Alec had a good look at it last year, and was intrigued. You can read lots about what to expect from the thing just here. John made me put this in the list. Hi-Rez of Global Agenda and more jetpacks bought the Tribes licence and are now making their own game in the series. We went hands on with the game over here.

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We actually got an early look at the game, to see where it might go wrong, and you can read that here. Yes, a bit of an unusual one, but the boldness of the idea has us interested. But what dark delights await? For some impressions of what we thought you can take a read of this article about the beta access. The next one has Death as the main character, too, so where can it go wrong?

Dudes are going to get sliced, I suspect. Odd choice, perhaps, but this is actually a new studio that the Czech company have purchased, and it will be cross platform. Some more coverage can be found here.