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Anu, I was wondering why this film, though not bad, won a Nationa Award. Madhu, By the time I read through half the review, I was wondering what there was in this film for it to be awarded a National Award. That was seriously politically incorrect.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It goes flying, straight into the framed, glass-fronted picture beside Gurmeet.

It seems she worked in radio for a while before starting in films. Really quite sad about how she ended up. It is difficult to see simple gurudwaras these days.

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They are more like brothers than friends. Channi and Gurmeet recognize each other by the photos they both carry with them, and soon fall in love while eating apples and chatting in the train.

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As for Gurmukh Singh, his wife and Gurmeet, too, their piety shows in the way they forgive Ratan without heaping martyrish scorn on her. The cast, especially Prithviraj Kapoor as Gurmukh Singh. Yes, I would assume this is where Manmohan Desai got the idea from.

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But, unlike the usual Hindi film, Nanak Naam Jahaaz Hai takes a somewhat different turn, and one which I found touching enough to shed a few tears over. Nanak Naam Jahaaz Hai has some good songs, of which my favourite is Mittar pyaare nu. Over the years, wise game booster I remembered the music but had forgotten most of the movie except the ending which I did not believe could happen. Gosh- now I want to go watch the movie again. That kind of spoilt the movie for me.

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But my father bought a copy of the audio tape. And with such brilliant nonchalance. As luck would have it, the inspector Jagdish Raj, who else?

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Gurmeet arrives at their home the next day, and an excited Channi rushes to the kitchen and fetches him a glass of milk. When she realizes the enormity of her actions, she is so ashamed and repentant that she does all she can to make up for it. Maybe she was improving as an actor. This will dishonour all of us, he tells her, and begs Ratan to retract. Same eye makeup in both the eras.

Though I do admit that I liked the fact that this film brought out the importance of faith making you a better, more forgiving person, not just getting you brownie points with the divine. As for me, the less said about my Punjabi, the better. Fortunately, this was balanced by a subtler, more endearing message, that of repentance and of forgiveness.

They realize that what happened was an accident, and forgive Ratan because even if her anger made her lash out, the consequences of that anger, they know, are not what Ratan would have wanted. But, twelve years after their marriage, they have a son, who is named Gurmeet Singh, and all is joy. He warns her not to tell Prem Singh, because Prem will insist on returning the money to Gurmukh. We should ask her how she kept her clothes in such a tip top condition. The melodrama near the end.

GURBANI LYRICS - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag - Daler Mehndi

Spurred on by Shuka, she even starts accusing Gurmukh Singh of having embezzled money from the business. All I remembered of this film was that it was one of the biggest films of Punjabi language. Ratan is more than happy to not just accept the money, but to keep it a secret from her husband as well.

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Yes, that was a funny dialog by I. Gurmeet, to his horror, suddenly finds himself gone blind. Ratan is furious when she sees Gurmeet and Channi, so obviously in love.

Did it not remind you of Amar Akbar Anthony? It seemed like any other melodrama, made worse because of the religious overtones. And I know what you mean about religious films. Gurmukh Singh and his wife, for instance, are perhaps more forgiving, more humble, because of their faith. The film celebrated a silver jubilee and is regarded as a classic today with many old-timers calling it the greatest Punjabi film ever made in India.

You must understand that I grew up listening to these songs because I am a Sikh. He knows Sukha is telling lies, so Sukha is shooed away with a warning.

Everyone was watching the film with utmost reverence. Prays that this case may be won by Ratan, because that is the only way peace will be restored. Back to this film, were you surprised during the last scene?

By the time I read through half the review, I was wondering what there was in this film for it to be awarded a National Award. Ratan starts yelling abuses at Channi and Gurmeet. But God has other things planned.