Manager User Guide

Only the Merchant Administrator will have access to these settings. The following transaction fields come into play when detecting fraudulent transactions. Logouts can also occur if there has been a disruption of Internet connectivity. Thus, computer control of image acquisition is an integral part of contemporary microscopy.

Onboard Manager User Guide

Onboard Manager User Guide

Also no transactional functions in Transactions. To see the status of a blocked transaction, go to the Transaction Search and highlight the declined transaction and click on the Decline Reason.

Re-Charge is for keyed-entered transactions only. User Creation and Access Levels. These devices bounce an infrared reference beam off a surface of the coverslip, and use this reflection to adjust the focal position. From the user's standpoint, the whole setup a microscope equipped with camera, stage, filter wheels, etc.

Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide

Cut-off Times Cut-off times determine when a batch is closed. Activity Reports This report displays a summary based on reporting date and range. American Express and other Private Label cards can take longer in settling funds to your account, depending on their merchant terms.

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Setup for Hosted Checkout. Setting up these Configuration Presets is an important part of configuring Micro-Manager and is described in the Configuration Guide. Entering existing Password incorrectly. PayPal transactions will be displayed in the transaction list with a PayPal icon. If soft descriptor support is enabled for the terminal you're using, additional fields will be available for the entry of the information as shown below.

Position lists can be saved Save As button and re-used later Load. Clicking these will set the current position to start or end. Refunds and voids can be performed against these transactions. Recurring Permissions Access to Recurring is enabled for the Merchant Administrator, but is disabled by default for all others.

All Plans default to once for frequency. Once the Fees are provisioned on the account, the Fees can be setup. The summary report will be the first screen displayed when this report is selected and will allow you to view deposits categorized by terminal. Some statistical information min, max, mean, stdev about the image is also provided. You may also use the Transaction Search list to create new Fraud Filters.

Velocity Controls Velocity controls are settings that determine transaction thresholds for a particular Merchant. As with Transactions, you can conduct transactions and view the transaction details or audit history from the list report by clicking on the appropriate icons. Separate numerals always require a space between them. Placing the cursor over the current preset will display a tool-tip window and show which devices will be affected by the command. No validation is performed.

Micro-Manager User s Guide

Channel groups are the Configuration Preset groups that are defined in the configuration settings section in Micro-Manager's Main Window. Welcome to the Onboard Manager User Guide. If you do not have TeleCheck enabled on your merchant account, the physics of solar cells jenny nelson please contact your Sales Representative or Relationship Manager. Enter the current password to be changed under the User Name.

The application will start in demo-mode by default after initial installation. The Plan defaults to a disabled status once created. Refresh The Micro-Manager main panel will not necessarily be updated when a setting in your microscope changes. You can inspect and change any setting on any device.

First Steps

Use the Set buttons of the Tile Creator Dialog to mark at least two of the corners of the object that you are interested in. Search result s will be returned. The screenshot below displays the returned data. Display window for Snap and Live mode.

Editing the Reference Number and Customer Reference fields In some scenarios it can be useful to edit the reference number and customer reference associated with a transaction. They include accounting for billable time and expenses. There are Onboard Manager and Onboard Configuration badge courses. The configuration process is described in the Configuration Guide. This can be advantageous in situations where disk write speed is a limiting factor i.

This configuration can be used to explore Micro-Manager features, train novice users and as a reference point for troubleshooting. See the Configuration Guide for guidelines. All examples in this guide refer to the Demo configuration.

In addition, at the bottom of the window there are shortcut buttons to save the image, enter live mode or send images to album. The Demo camera driver generates a spatial sine wave that shifts each time you snap a new image. The acquisition starts immediately and an Image Viewer window will open displaying the progress. If you are locked out of your account, please contact your Merchant Administrator.

Autofocus options are described below. Migrating your favorite ImageJ plugins to Micro-Manager installation should not cause any problems. If there is only one terminal, it is automatically selected for you.