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Both were on the same street not far from the area I was exploring earlier that morning. Super funky and tight, a great live show. Or listen to the beginning of Shamal Wind and you can hear the middle east right there! What's the new trio album about? Keyboards, drums, bass and some added beats, Had never heard them before but liked their sound, will check out their Club Asia gig in October.

We met at the Bamboo bar at the Metropole, with the sound of vocalist Michele Kaye coming from the inside Le Club bar. It sounded as if the choir was surrounding you, with voices coming at you from all directions. More events to be added here as well over the coming days.

If you want to know a song that has helped to bring much recognition to Mali Music? It is common for Christian artists to ape the sounds of the hit parade, and it might be suggested that Mali Music is simply the inevitable adaptation of current pop trends to religious purposes. Mali Music is a tremendous live performer, playing keyboards, super hit hindi movies songs mp3 acoustic guitar and singing as well. Here I started playing with very different kind of musicians and that makes me incredibly happy. This artist has created an amazing buzz about his music and prolific songwriting.

Other than these some of other major cities have their own jazz and other music festivals. That feeling you get if a beautiful woman smiles at you? Especially while even the major jazz clubs around the world is closing one by one. Read more about the Garifuna here.

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At that time, I had a favorite radio show that used a really nice Brazilian song as its introduction theme, and they used a Fender Rhodes keyboard. Regardless, the Shonan Guitar Shop guys were great, playing some standards and Brazilian tunes in duo, trio and quartet forms.

Lots of things to talk about music scene in Turkey but I will try to leave it here. Plenty of free stages plus bands in Kannai Hall, Dolphy jazz club and a lot more. There will be food, drinks and several live shows including the Nori Ochiai Trio.

You've moved around quite a bit, how has being a nomadic musician changed your approach to composing and playing? Then his very old pal Shimaji-san came in and sat down, receiving a glass of wine within seconds. Mali Music The Second Coming.

OK Jazz Podcast - World Music Jazz Soul Funk Blues

It wouldn't be Japan without an appearance by the Carpenters. Feeling full and energized I walked further through the Old Quarter and made it to the top of Hoan Kiem Lake, in the heart of the city. If you're anywhere in the area then come out to the event and show your support for the jazz kissaten tradition up north. Sugawara-san was kind enough to give me a copy of the Japanese magazine Switch that had a nice photo spread of Basie and interview with him.

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What else can I say about these guys? What he does listen to, obviously, is hip-hop music, along with alternative rock acts like Radiohead and, occasionally, Bob Marley. Your pronunciation was so horrible it sounded like some unknown language. My latest for the Japan Times on the closing of the old jazz cafe Mary Jane. His quintet at this gig was pure class playing bop standards.

The Yokohama Jazz Promenade is always a full weekend of great music, spread out all around the port city. Quyen Van Minh is one of the most important figures in creating a jazz scene in Vietnam, and the owner of the club.

OK Jazz Podcast - World Music Jazz Soul Funk Blues

After their first set I rushed down to Bar First near Hinode-cho station to catch vibes player Koki Nishimura's sextet. Read an interview with Inoue-san here. Last day in Hanoi so wanted to get a lot in.

And I played standard jazz again in my college years around with my friends in some cafes. Two years and three months into the Tokyo Jazz Joints photo project and we're near the finish line as my partner on this adventure, photographer Philip Arneill, is getting ready to leave Japan. And that's only the wall behind the bar, there were records lining two other walls around the side where we sat. My frequent frustration has been finding enough time to practice.

Video is from a gig in November, couldn't get any footage from last Friday! Aurelio Martinez from Honduras brought a stripped down band and had the crowd up and energized from his first note. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Nanashima-san insisted on driving us over there, while refusing to take any money for the coffee.

As one of the two most important jazz figures in the country, I'm going to have to get back to interview him properly with way advance notice. Tomoki Sanders at The Room, Shibuya. The local neighborhood jazz festivals continue to grow every year with more and more live acts and larger audiences, helping Tokyo maintain its status as one of the world's great jazz towns.

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Vietnam worked its charm on me. Shame, that would have been a sick burn by the locals towards the French. When I became a university student in Sapporo, I met a great tenor saxophone player in town and I eventually switched my instrument from the bass to the sax.

My Dad actually saw John Coltrane live in London. Apparently Bar Betta's popular heyday had passed, but it was a very nice vibe inside the huge house, with an open air rooftop as well for when then rain stops.

After ordering some drinks, I went up to talk to Sugawara-san, the legendary owner of Basie. If you look at the bottom right of the picture you'll see a local guy in a green army uniform. The genesis of the project stems from the lead engineer's experience with sound acoustics while walking in the forest. They love to go to the clubs too but mainly for dancing these days.

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