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After a successful operation, he escapes police custody and searches for the real killer. Performance wise the film belongs to the one man who steals the show Amitabh Bachchan. Trivia The first notable film of Parveen Babi. Surendra Sinha's brother, Narendra Sinha Satyen Kapoo has offered a reward to anyone who captures the killer. For the audience and critics, Pran, more than anyone, rode above the rest.

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Majboor Lyrics and video of Songs from the Movie Majboor

Each twist seems to lead you into a bewildering maze until you're not quite sure just who the villain is, and who, the red herring. This movie will remain as a greater thriller movie in the History of Indian Cinema.

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British intelligence comes over to India and loot all its wealth and carry it over to there country. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He has Neelu Parveen Babi as the ladylove but his life is turned upside down when regular attacks of headache are diagnosed as brain tumour. The punishment for one murder is death and the punishment for two murders is still death.

The police are not quite as idiotic as they us ually are in Hindi films. He was outstanding as always and contributed to the popularity of the film which had Amitabh Bachchan in the role of a helpless soul. Similarly, when the mother goes to Narender to beg for clemency, she isn't asking that Ravi be left to get away scot-free.

Four things stand out in Majboor. Overall Majboor is a hands down classic till this day-and the movie remains a suspenseful and thrilling ride right to the end.

The man is in terrific form here and ably shows the anguish, amar sangi songs grief and Majboori compulsion of a man who has become a victim of fate. The songs of movie were big hit but movie did average. The songs are also very nice in the movie. Watch out for his seizure scenes and his confrontation with Macmohan in the curio shop. The movie is of course a tense thriller.

An ex-convict is bent on revenge against the people responsible for his wrongful imprisonment but is pit against his estranged son who is now a police officer. This was the time when people have started recognising amitabh as a bundle of talent and this movie totally testified. In an effort to provide for his family, he takes the responsibility of a murder that he has not committed to collect the ransom money of Rs.

In order to save himself from the death penalty, he runs away from the hospital in search of the real murderer. Ravi is prosecuted for the crime though he did not do it and given the death sentence. The film was later remade in Telugu by director K. The music is by Laxmikant Pyarelal and lyrics were by Anand Bakshi.

He's a senior statesman in the industry now, and has successfully reinvented himself multiple times to carve out a different kind of space for himself in an increasingly youth-oriented industry. This article about a Hindi film of the s is a stub. They are later joined by another man who wants revenge against the gangster. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. He gets some of the best lines in the script, and gets to sing the delightful Daaru ki botal mein.

The film was a Hit at the box office. Yes, I have always felt that the man comes at his best with Bachchan by his side and he again proves that here. Film-makers who were toddlers when he was at his peak, are itching to work with him.

Majboor Lyrics and video of Songs from the Movie Majboor

So I downloaded the movie from the net and man! He leaves a trail for the police to follow and he is convicted.

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While in prison, he gets an attack and the jail authorities take him to the hospital where he undergoes a successful operation. He is now worried that if he dies, there will be no one to look after his family. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. The breathtaking climax only shows how capable Tandon is as a director.

The second part sees Pran coming as savior. Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Jaya Prada. Bollywood suspense thriller.

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Majboor (1974) Songs Lyrics

But Pran, who passed away recently, was unaffected by the winds of change. He runs into the murderer and sets up a meeting point to settle the issue.

Amitabh Bachchan, Neetu Singh, Tanuja. On a rainy night, Michael grabs a costly ring from the driver of a car, unmindful of the fact that it belongs to a dead man.

So begins Ravi's mission to find the real killer. To secure his family he plays some risky tricks and ends up getting in trouble. He confesses to having killed a rich man and maneuvers a way that will make the prize money go to his family members. Among the rest of the cast, everyone is good. The ransom money of five lakh is the temptation for him, and also the fact that his incurable tumour is set to consume him in six months.

Do n't Rane and Neela need the permission of the court to visit a prisoner, even if he's in hospital? Ravi has confessed to the crime. The climax is well-constructed with Michael managing to solve the mystery but not without paying a heavy price. Just a kind hand on his gr ieving daughter's shoulder.