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Lollar single coil telecaster pickups, single Coil for Humbucker

The bridge pickup is reverse-wound with reverse polarity, so when both pickups are on, they are humbucking. We also switched the Delta Blues to overdrive and got a very solid, nasty rock tone from the bridge pickup, without substantial squeal.

Single Coil Pickups – Thomann United States

And sure enough, the bridge pickup delivered all the punchy, growly, spit-in your-face tone you love in a P!

The P Soap Bar Style set is also wound to be humbucking in dual-pickup mode. It includes a chrome cover. Great for traditional Tele tones, with a few Strat qualities mixed in.

And both use cloth-covered wires. The humbucking set was installed into a new Washburn X Series solidbody. We also adjusted the polepieces to compensate for the fingerboard radius.

This is a great pickup set. Switching to the neck pickup, we were greeted with an fat, fat tone with sweet, sparkely highs. Age will only make this set better and possibly surpass any Tele set ever made. The bridge pickup is fixed to the guitar quite closely to the bridge, and is slanted so that the pole-pieces for the treble strings are closer to the bridge than those for the bass. This becomes more of an issue as you increase the volume and drive on your amp.

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Black or cream covers are included. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. This set sounds identical to a set of good vintage Ps. The midrange jumped, with complete meatiness. This could be the set of replacement Ps.

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Product Highlights

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What Makes a Telecaster Pickup? They are therefore not ideal pickups for metal or heavy rock. Always conscious of our audience, we opted for sets that vintage guys most often chase when buying replacement pickups. Using the pickups simultaneously, we got the humbucking mode with an exceptional Tele dual-pickup tone.

Single Coil Pickups

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In the middle position, we got a great humbucking bluesy single-coil tone to die for. In the clean mode, we got a fat single-coil tone in the bridge position and a pure, full tone in the neck position. What They Sound Like Telecaster single-coils give the guitar its trademark bright and twangy tone, although both pickups offer slightly different sounds. The bridge single-coil provides the bright and trebly sound that could be described as the true Tele tone. The bridge pickup of the Vintage Telecaster set sports slightly smaller, singles bad langensalza flat polepieces with tape surrounding the coils instead of string.

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The neck pickup features a smaller bobbin, along with a removable metal cover, usually made from chrome or nickel-silver. You just need to find a good pair, which can turn a noisy old beat-up Tele into an absolute tone monster. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited. Features Adjustable polepieces, chrome and gold covers included, braided-shield lead wire.

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