Keystone rv satellite hookup, keystone cougar rv satellite hookup - gastronoming gastronoming

Keystone cougar rv satellite hookup - Gastronoming Gastronoming

RV Satellite TV
  1. This mod will help you get connected and stay in the will.
  2. When we leave camp we unhook from the back of the dvr and roll up the cable before we bring the slide in.
  3. You should see your gravatar displayed in all it's glory over in the sidebar.
  4. One thing, push the button on the booster in the bedroom and turn it off.

My initial YouTube search was unsuccessful. The jack is for cable and probably goes through a video switch and possibly a splitter. Nothing adds excitement like something that is none of your business My Home is where I park it. Does anyone one have the same problem as us, if so could you let us know how to best deal with the problem as it has been the only problem we have had so far. The wire now shows but only a short distance and later on I may conceal it with a snap-on plastic track.

Keystone rv satellite hookup Th keystone k rv g about mov satellite

Keystone rv satellite hookup

We plan to try to hook up our Dish stuff tomorrow or the next day. Thank you for the suggestions. Mail will not be published required. Find More Posts by Mikendebbie.

Different club members gave us good advice on how to back feed the cable ect, numbers but we were unable to get anything to work. Do you still have the schematics for this mod? There is even another way in which this can be done with No External Mods. Find More Posts by RoscoeV.

We just purchased a Keystone Avalanche and found so many things going wrong with already. Check out our Brand New Keystone Classifieds! Write a private message as Keystone Rv verified representative. Also on our Elkridge, there is not a cable run to the satellite connection in the bedroom.

Keystone RV s KeyTV Tech Simplifies TV Operation

Find More Posts by msuron. If you have an update that might help us, please let us know. Originally Posted by RoscoeV. How do I get the Satalite to work Is there a cable diagram somewhere?

RV Satellite Cable Receptacle Rewiring
Problems with TV satellite/cable connections on RV

We can get every thing is we run it direct. This is the preferred method. This gives me a Satellite Dish connection to the receiver in the bedroom.

There are a few other changes to be made as well. Not so pretty but it is the easiest and fastest way to get connected. Very easy to do, his no running new wires in the camper or having to have a spare wire running across the floor. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk.

Keystone Rv - Cable/satellite wiring connections Aug 23 @ Pissed Consumer

We have set all the azimuths, etc. Our unit is in the shop for some warranty work and when we pick it up in a couple of days we can tell you which ones are the correct hook ups. We just don't know if the labels are correct or if the inside wire is good. See the links below for a nice online article with pretty pictures on the wall plate mod. Arrived and paperwork was quick and easy.

Patandbobcuddy did you'll find problem? You can just run the cable through an open window. By opening a window close to the dish. Is there something I'm missing?

On the outside of my rig there is a cable jack, assumably for cable or satellite. Bookmarks Bookmarks Google Facebook Twitter. Private messages do not impact your company rating. We have direct tv with a flex vcube. This is to send the output from the satellite receiver to the bed room.

  • It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text.
  • Only a few weeks after they were installed, the paint on one of the base cabinets started peeling.
  • The dealer has fixed everything else for us and been very helpful.
  • It's posted to the wrong business.
  • We often use a pair of portable radios to communicate when setting up our dish.

It's inappropriate or not family friendly. Check it out today and bookmark it to check back often. Do I really need a dually?

Keystone RV s KeyTV Tech Simplifies TV Operation - Gr8LakesCamper

Bought a newer travel trailer a couple of months ago and was really disappointed the Dish satellite would not come in when I hooked it up due to the power antenna outlet. Anyway, we will report back with the satellite hookups. Removing the wall plate initially only discovered small gauge wires in the back, no coax. See our business solutions.

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Re Problems with TV satellite/cable connections on RV

There is even another choice. We have a new Big Country. The second time we used the slideout it damaged the floor in three places. Longer coax runs could potentially cause intermittent problems. So look around they put them in the strangest places.

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My dilemma is no where on the outside can I find the exterior feed. Here are some photos of what I use. If you don't get a picture try the other connector. Another owner on here tells me he found a bad connection where the cable is spliced going into the slide.

Problems with TV satellite/cable connections on RV

Turn off Outside speakers. We cut it in the basement and placed connectors on the ends. Digging further into the hole behind the wall plate I discovered two coax input wires into the wall plate. Making a simple bypass behind the wall plate solves this problem.

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