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Because of civil war, food from aid agencies had been cut off. Although she bravely smiles her acknowledgement of the end of that affair, she remains a pitifully lonely figure facing a stuffy future. Hepburn famously shunned the Hollywood publicity machine, and refused to conform to society's expectations of women.

Herborn station was opened in on the Dill Railway. Hepburn's role in the movie was Trigger Hicks, partnervermittlung bahnhofstrasse zürich an uneducated mountain girl.

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Its production was troubled by a number of problems. Hepburn's first entrance called for her to leap down a narrow stairway with a stag over her shoulder, wearing a short silver tunic. The producers of the movie initially wanted Elizabeth Taylor for the role, but director William Wyler was so impressed by Hepburn's screen test that he cast her instead.

She was outspoken, assertive, athletic, and wore trousers before it was fashionable for women to do so. It's worse than you could ever imagine. She planned to leave the theatre behind, but began to miss the work and quickly resumed the understudy role in Holiday, which she held for six months. Full list Raised in Connecticut by wealthy, progressive parents, Hepburn began to act while studying at Bryn Mawr College.

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She received the second most votes, after winner Bette Davis. Hepburn challenged herself in the latter half of her life, as she regularly appeared in Shakespearean stage productions and tackled a range of literary roles. Once her marks had improved, she began performing regularly. In the s, she began appearing in television films, which became the focus of her career in later life.

She was criticized for her shrill voice, and so left Baltimore to study with a voice tutor in New York City. She had met Wolders through a friend during the later years of her second marriage. Berman and, convinced that she was born to play the part, insisted that the role be hers. Dutch and English from her parents, and later varying degrees of French, Spanish, and Italian.

To satisfy his concerns, the filmmakers agreed to change the screenplay so that Hepburn's character romantically pursued his. Playing the extroverted girl was the hardest thing I ever did. After principal photography began, she demanded the dismissal of cinematographer Claude Renoir after seeing what she felt were unflattering dailies. Director Stanley Donen said that Hepburn was more free and happy than he had ever seen her, and he credited that to co-star Albert Finney. They began rehearsals in November, Hepburn feeling sure the role would make her a star, but Howard disliked the actress and again she was fired.

During her theatrical work, she took elocution lessons with actor Felix Aylmer to develop her voice. Filmed on the brink of her divorce, it was a difficult film for her, as husband Mel Ferrer was its producer. That image is too much for me. Her portrayal of Sister Luke is one of the great performances of the screen. Particularly worthy of note is the frieze around the building showing local family coats of arms.

Other people had a certain amount of hesitation, but she would just grab them. They really do seem in love. She has a vital something that sets her apart from the picture galaxy. No other star, either, has become so unpopular so quickly for so long a time.

Hubert de Givenchy was named executor of her estate, along with her two Swiss attorneys. Hepburn loved the book and was delighted to be offered the role. Hessisches Statistisches Landesamt in German. She left halfway through the summer season, and continued studying with a drama tutor.

Hepburn initially asked Warner to give the role to Andrews but was eventually cast. As she was still recovering from surgery, she was unable to fly on commercial aircraft.

Critics loved the performance, and she became an instant star. She felt the role was perfect, but again, she was fired. After surgery, Hepburn began chemotherapy. Critics disliked Sylvia Scarlett and it was unpopular with the public. Selznick refused to offer her the part because he felt she had no sex appeal.

She attended the institution primarily to satisfy her mother, who had studied there, and recalled disliking the experience. She is a distinct, definite, positive personality.

The surrounding countryside features the low mountains of the Westerwald range. Fearing her father's exposure, she sets out to steal one of his priceless statues with the help of a man played by Peter O'Toole. Biographer Charles Higham states that the role was ideal for the actress, requiring an aggressive energy and athleticism, and she enthusiastically involved herself with its production. Stories of My Life, that Hepburn revealed her true birth date. Neither movie was popular with the public, which meant she had made four unsuccessful pictures in a row.

Holden unsuccessfully tried to rekindle a romance with the now-married Hepburn, and his alcoholism was beginning to affect his work. She had seen the script on the desk of producer Pandro S. The mission was to ferry food to southern Sudan. In the mids, Hepburn's parents recruited and collected donations for the British Union of Fascists.