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And for your kind information - I am a Hindu, who as read our scriptures well, along with Quran Shareef and guru Granth Sahib and at the basement they all are the same! Feel free to share truth with or without attribution to this site or its author, Sadiq M. University of Texas Press. He is also fondly called as Jhulelal.

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Not acknowledging this fact diminishes your hard work. As my Guru says, We are the waves of the same Ocean. It gave me strength, enough to move a mountain. Regardless whether he wrote this song or not, he should get some help from all the singers who used his other songs.

Rest of all are earning meager amounts. Its very sad to see the situation that such beautiful artists are in. If there is a fund open please let me know and I will get our pakistani friends to contribute. This has been one of my favorite nos.

This is a sindhi folk lore song and one of the word is mis interpreted. Do you have an idea who has written this song? It's sad how we still continue to ignore our artists who gave us so much. Thank you for your Message. It seems to me that there is really an out pouring of support for this discarded artist from Pakistan.

Both Shahbaz and Udero Lal are also referred to as Jhulelal, and both were contemporaries. But never had I felt the way I am feeling right now after learning the literal meaning of the same. Also software companies price it beyond reach of middleclass in developing nations, The soluiton likes in working from both sides. Loved the collection of videos too.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As a human being I do not have tears to shed. Hind Sind some also sing Ghanan ghanan peera teri naubat vaaje, Naal vaje ghadiyaal bala jhoole laalan, O naal vaje, O naal vaje ghadiyaal bala jhoole laalan. Jhulelal, or Dariyalal or Jinda Pir has something to do with a river god either located on a river island or on the banks of mighty sind indus river. If you hear some of the original records Akhiyan Udeek Diyan for example from Nusrat saab you can recognize a unmistakable alaap by Rahat.

Its great that people are thinking of starting a fund to help this man. Please how can my family send this lovely and gifted patriot of Pakistan some money? Mehdi Hassan was also in this condition during his last days. It is a paragon of religious fusion.

Dawn, I strongly urge you guys to arrange a fund for him, I for one would happily make a contribution, as will many others for sure. Like Persia, Central Asia and Arabia, we think of a song as a combination of two very different disciplines, poetry and music. Surely riches await the composer of Dhamal in the hereafter, but I owuld be glad to help him in this realm as well.

Master Hussain deserves more. Master Ashiq Hussain doesn't require any charity or fund, he simply should have received royalties for his compositions. Might I suggest that you also add Komal Rizvi's souldful version of this song to your blog?

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Although all this started with forceful convertions but ended with learning to co-exist togather and respect each other. This is not to take away the genius of Master Ashiq Hussain but this was a very good copy and a distortion of the The Quavali from The Film Jabroo but definitely not an original as stated by you. Also, a very well done version is Falu Shah's. Found in royal palaces these were the drum houses or orchestra pits during ceremonies.

Khutba Sermon of Eid-ul Fitr. The love in this song is evident if you truely listen, and that is what appeals to one and all, regardless of background. Pathetic-the govt must immediately move him out of slum and secure for him a decent living. If one is poor and wretched then the politician are his enemy.

So let me reply to some of points raised. However, as mentioned earlier, and admitted by you, it is not your translation, and you should have mentioned that in your blog, or you should mention it now in clear words. Different time different people keep on adding their own stuff. For me this version by Sabri brothers is truly magical.

Dama Dam Mast Qalandar, dragon nest gold hack no survey Ali dam dam de andar. Can some one from Dawn start a fund to help the master?

If you don't believe this is true, you can look up the history on the partition and see how the Hindus were forced to convert, leave, or be killed. This and last week I spent looking for all the versions and answers to my questions. Where are the big names who profited from his talent! They have no support system available.

At the same time, really saddened at the utter neglect of the fellow artists who sung this and did not credited Ashiq Hussain saab. They are living on their own. They are not the same as mentioned in ur blog. In fact I am born and brought up in a family of Sufi believers.

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There are many more versions by, for instance, Bhagwanti Panjwani, where Udero Lal is more prominent than Shahbaz, and yet, they can interchange and assimilate very easily. Unsuspecting Pakistani brides.


Dama Dam Mast Kalandar

Why doesn't Dawn take the initiative of setting up a fund for the forgotten artists of Pakistan. In fact many singers impromptu create lines and then sing.