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Features of CentOS 6.5

Modify the kernel boot line in your grub configuration to include additional kernel parameters for Azure. If the installation program stops for any reason during the first stage of a virtual installation, livemedia-creator will stop as well, waiting for the installation to finish. The kickstart file will stay in the home path of the dvd which is what we have given in our isolinux.

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Overview of livemedia-creator Creating custom images using livemedia-creator is usually a two stage process. Perhaps the most common use of livemedia-creator involves using virt-install to create a temporary virtual machine to be used for the live image creation process. Your name can also be listed here. This option uses the same syntax as the inst.

To do this edit the file and update the url command to refer to a valid installation source. Image installation using Anaconda is potentially dangerous, because it uses the installation program on an already installed system. Creating Custom Images This section describes several common usage patterns for tools in the lorax package. The first step in manual disk image installation is creating one or more image files, which will later be used as installation targets similar to physical storage devices. This chapter describes the process of creating custom, bootable images of several different types, and other related topics.

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Additional Arguments The following options can be used with all use cases listed above virtual installations, Anaconda image installations and others. The default value is appliance. The installation will go through as long as the kickstart files and other installation files are accessible.

Automated disk image installations using livemedia-creator are somewhat similar to Kickstart installations with network boot. In this case, no image containing the installation program is needed, full house soundtrack but the Anaconda package must be installed on the system. Sample usage of livemedia-creator is described in Creating Custom Images. All Kickstart files must be flattened either manually or using the ksflatten tool before they can be used.

Submit it here to become an TecMint author. Do not modify the samples in their original location. Virtual machine installations as well as image installations are supported in this case.

Click Connect to open a console window for the virtual machine. The installation source for a disk image installation must be prepared the same way it would be prepared when performing a normal installation. Other files, namely livemedia. If you followed all steps in this procedure, you are now able to start a new installation with virt-install. You can view the full list of supported commands by executing anaconda -h on a command line.


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Installation into disk images should always be performed on systems or virtual machines specifically reserved for this purpose, and not on systems containing any valuable data. You will also need to install several other packages in addition to lorax itself. This means running only the first stage of the image creation process. Is it possible to have this one drive do both? Thank you for your feedback!

The following options can be used with all use cases listed above virtual installations, Anaconda image installations and others. After running the following as root, an installation image named boot. After executing this command, Anaconda will start on your system. To start with assuming you want to create a minimal setup as I have used in the above kickstart file.

Dalu, You can add the datadir location in my. Modify udev rules to avoid generating static rules for the Ethernet interface s. Copy them to another directory and modify the copies instead. More information about this can be found in the steps below.

To use this approach, you must prepare a valid Kickstart file, which will be used by livemedia-creator to perform the installation. Use virsh to list all virtual machines guests currently available on the system.

The livemedia-creator application can create a live image using the Anaconda package if virt-install is not available. No users apart from root are created, and no graphical interface or additional packages are installed. The result will be an image file named ami-root. The kickstart file needs to be in the iso somewhere, right?

Creating a Disk or File System Image You can also use livemedia-creator to create a disk or file system image. Copy your rpm there and then navigate inside ExtraPackages.

Features of CentOS 6.5

When using this option, you must specify a directory which already exists. Support us by taking our online Linux courses We are thankful for your never ending support. This option allows you to save time when testing modifications to your Kickstart file, because you can skip the time-consuming second stage and inspect the temporary disk image file. While no bugs are known at this moment that would cause any problems, it is possible that this process could render the entire system unusable. This is usually the default.

Operating Systems Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. Your email address will not be published. For example, if you are recovering after a system crash, you will not have to stop the temporary virtual machine, instead you can just use the virsh undefine name command.

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